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      Features on the unlimited uses of rubber bands.
      A Seafood Banding Machine Like No Other Featured Image
      A Seafood Banding Machine Like No Other
      • Posted:
      • Category: Industrial
      Commercial Fishing is difficult, whether it’s lobster, oyster, crab, or the particularly interesting geoduck. You don’t have to spend much time with a fisherman to figure that out. Not only are they exposed to the elements, but the actual work of hauling in traps and banding these creatures by hand is grueling. There has been a call from...Read More

      The Power of Produce Packaging Featured Image
      The Power of Produce Packaging
      • Posted:
      • Category: Industrial
      Have you ever found yourself grocery shopping, faced with the choice of two very similar products? Let’s say you are making salad for dinner and you need to purchase romaine lettuce. While holding a different bunch of lettuce in each hand you want to make a decision that will create the best salad for dinner tonight. After looking each over...Read More

      Rubber Bands: The Perfect Tool for Facilities Managers Featured Image
      Rubber Bands: The Perfect Tool for Facilities Managers
      • Posted:
      • Category: Industrial
      Facilities maintenance supplies may not be at the top of the list for facilities managers, but they are a vital element to keeping things running smoothly. Facilities Managers have to focus on the efficient maintenance of an organization’s building and equipment as well as the safety, functionality and comfort in the environment. It’s...Read More